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Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

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Can I transfer to FABIZ from another faculty or university?2023-03-28T08:58:47+00:00

It depends on the case. For more information about your case, please email us at admission@fabiz.ase.ro.

Where can I find more details about admission?2023-03-28T08:57:50+00:00

Each learning stream at FABIZ has a dedicated Admission page:

The pages for the July 2023 intake will be updated by end of February. In the meantime, you can check the University’s admission page: https://admitere.ase.ro/licenta-2023/index.asp

Can I join a student association for volunteering?2023-03-28T08:59:47+00:00

Yes, our university has multiple student associations. Check them out here.

Can I study abroad?2022-12-10T08:08:59+00:00

Yes, you can go for a semester or an entire year with Erasmus+ to one of the more than 100 partner universities. For more information about this – click here.

Is there a calendar for all student activities?2022-12-10T08:09:04+00:00

Yes, and it can be downloaded from here.

When and where should I pay for the re-take of an exam?2023-03-28T09:02:42+00:00

Please make the payment at least one week in advance at the ASE’s cashiers or online at https://plationline.ase.ro/.

The exam re-assessment period is the same for subjects taught in the 1st or in the 2nd semester. The Bachelor’s schedule can be found here and the Master’s schedule can be found here.

How many credits should I have to promote in the next academic year?2023-03-28T09:06:02+00:00

For the 1st year students who want to promote to the 2nd year, it is mandatory to have a minimum of 30 ECTS. For the 2nd year students who wish to promote to the 3rd year a number of 75 ECTS is required.

Attention! The credits from “Sports” and other electives (e.g. foreign languages etc.) should not be counted. Always double check with the Administrative Office your number of credits.

Are you a foreign student and you can’t access your student webpage?2022-12-10T08:09:29+00:00

Write an email with your issue at it-suport@ase.ro

When and how I can re-enroll?2022-12-10T08:09:35+00:00

For the academic year 2023 – 2024 the students must send a request for reenrollment at office@fabiz.ase.ro between 17-21 July 2023.

Where can I find the necessary documents for the mandatory internship and what is the duration?2022-12-10T08:09:43+00:00

The mandatory internship has a duration of 84 hours for Bachelor students and 280 hours for Master students. The documents and the steps to be followed can be found here: https://fabiz.ase.ro/documents/

Can I get reimbursement for the travel costs?2023-03-28T09:13:08+00:00

With your student ID you have the chance to travel at 50% of the cost of underground transportation. Furthermore, the university is only reimbursing you the costs for public ground transportation (ie. STB – bus, tram, trolley). Each month, send your payment receipt and bank details at burse@ase.ro

How can I obtain my travel ID?2022-12-10T08:09:55+00:00

By bringing two passport photos at the Administrative Office, you will be able to take your travel ID from the first day of school. Keep in mind that this ID needs to be signed and stamped yearly.

How can I obtain my student ID?2022-12-10T08:10:01+00:00

The IDs are available at the Administrative Office and are available beginning with 1st of November.

Where can I apply for a student accommodation?2022-12-10T08:10:06+00:00

Depending on the year of study, the application process can start at different dates. Check all the announcements here: https://social.ase.ro/

Can I change my student status from “with tuition” to “without tuition”?2023-03-28T09:21:38+00:00

Yes, depending on the grades. The assessment is done as follows:

  • In the 1st year: at the end of each semester
  • In the 2nd year: at the end of the academic year
How can I apply for a scholarship? (i.e. for merit, social etc)2023-03-28T09:14:17+00:00

The Methodology for awarding scholarships and other forms of social support for full-time students in the academic year 2022-2023 can be accesses here.

Do I have free access to the MS Office suite?2022-12-10T08:10:23+00:00

Yes, by following the steps written here: https://www.net.ase.ro/microsoft/

Where can I see my schedule?2022-12-10T08:10:33+00:00

All schedules are published on the website of each learning program under the category “Student”. For example, for the Bachelor students from the English stream the schedule is published here: https://en.fabiz.ase.ro/student/

When and where can I obtain documents from the Administrative office (RO: Secretariat)?2023-03-28T09:15:58+00:00

Depending on the documents required, the Administrative office can respond to most of your requests by email (office@fabiz.ase.ro) or through https://hey.fabiz.ase.ro/

The schedule for coming in person is the following:

  • Monday – Wednesday: 10:00 – 12:00
  • Thursday: 16:00 – 19:00

NOTE! When writing an email please mention your full name, year of study, group number and learning stream. Additionally, when requesting a certificate (ro. adeverință) it is mandatory to mention the reason of request. (e.g. at my mother’s workplace for deduction, for employment etc)

Do I have to sign a study contract?2023-03-28T09:17:17+00:00

Yes – it is mandatory to sign it in the first three weeks of the academic year. If you cannot make it due to specific reasons, please inform us at office@fabiz.ase.ro

Those who don’t sign the contract will be expelled from the university.

How do I identify the buildings by their codes?2023-03-28T09:18:48+00:00

All classes are held mainly in two buildings:

  • FABIZ building (which is called “Victor Slăvescu”, located on Calea Griviței 2-2A) – starting with number 4 (e.g. 4102). More details:
    • 4 – building number
    • 1 – floor number
    • 02 – room number
  • Moxa Building (located on Mihail Moxa Street, no 5-7) – starting with number 3 (e.g. 3M1 and 3M2)

Click here to find out the coding for the entire university.

When and where should I pay the tuition fee?2022-12-10T08:11:14+00:00

The tuition fee is paid in two equal instalments, in the first three weeks of each semester. For payment, you have two options:

  • In person at ASE’s cashiers (Ion N. Angelescu building on Caderea Bastiliei, no. 2-10, room 0030). For more details click here.
  • Online through the university platform: https://plationline.ase.ro/
How can I access my personal page and what information can I find there?2023-03-28T09:19:52+00:00

Each ASE student has 2 associated accounts that are very similar, but have different passwords and usage:

  • IDM account
  • Email account

More details about these two can be found here.

Also, using the platform https://online.ase.ro/ you will be able to access all the course materials and the official communication for each topic.

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