Tănase Stamule, Ph.D.

Dear friends,
The last years have showed us that change can create added value and through vision, tenacity, and perseverance, we could reach the top of the Romanian university educational system. FABIZ must fully connect to the big European Business Schools networks and become the main partner of the big companies within the University of Economic Studies. We have to develop procedures in order to take best practice models from our partners and adapt our curriculum to the needs of the business environment. At the same time, through our international partnerships we consolidate our research and academic exchanges. Our goal is that in the next years we become competitive in the field of research at an international level.
All these changes must focus on the care of our students. We want to offer them the highest quality courses, adapted to the market needs. Our professors must provide extraordinary academic interaction and our partners must present leading practice models from a Romanian and international perspective.

Yours faithfully
Tanase Stamule, Ph.D.


Oana Stănilă, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for Business and Students

I am thrilled to welcome you to our community and to the next chapter of your life. Please allow me to share some insights, so you can have the greatest experience while with us.
The faculty is an extraordinary adventure providing a sense of belonging to the extent that people call us FABIZ, like they refer to a real person and a friend. We connect people of different nationalities and languages, which we help by fostering their cultural needs as individuals and as future young professionals.
Educating business professionals is a challenging process because organizations, society, the environment, and overall expectations are constantly changing. We openly engage in dialogues that lead to the most unexpected ideas, widening perspectives, providing innovation, creation, knowledge, and real experiences. Here, we connect academia with business practice, for you to make a difference in the real life.
We bring sustainability, digital education, the circular economy, and leadership closer to you, for a better shaped European future.
We are here for you!

Sorin Anagnoste, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for Academic Affairs

We embark on a transformation journey understanding that the world faces undeniable challenges: rapid technological innovation, increasing globalization (including in Academia), and the need for a sustainable way to do obtain the desired economic growth. At FABIZ we envision tackling local and global challenges through pioneering leadership, encouraging sharing of ideas while bringing a highly diverse body of students, teachers and professional experts.
Embarking in a 3-year Bachelor or in a 2-year Master will change the world; your world. How? By weekly engaging with business leaders, working on real-world case studies, doing internships and other valuable work together with start-ups and large companies and, lastly, joining a prestigious Alumni network.
So, if you are not afraid of dealing with complex problems, working in teams, brainstorming ideas about launching a product, and, generally speaking, you like getting out of your comfort zone, then FABIZ is the right place for you.
What starts here changes the world!
Join us!

Roxana Clodnițchi, Ph.D.

Vice-dean for International Relations and Research

Science is mankind’s way of understanding the world, allowing us to predict the consequences of our actions, and eventually allowing us to enhance our lives. Our knowledge of science is the result of scientific research, and, at its very essence, scientific research is a learning activity based on critical thinking, enhancing the latter as well as the researcher’s capacity to solve complex problems.
Curious about research? We provide our students with experiential research opportunities, including case studies, business projects and internships with our local partners but also international exchange and internship programs, with the ultimate goal of preparing them as leaders in their field of choice.
Our focus on digital & social entrepreneurship next to our expertise in eco- and energy economics allow us to help you develop and test revolutionary business ideas. You can count on our up-to-date curriculum, mentorship efforts, logistic support from our academic & corporate partners, and the University’s incubator.
Let’s work together to develop creative solutions to our world’s problems!

HEAD of UNESCO Chair for Business Administration

Anca Bogdan, Ph.D.

Through the permanent efforts of adapting to the current challenges of the national and international dynamic business and scientific environment, the UNESCO Chair for Business Administration has fulfilled and contributed continuously to the UNESCO educational and sustainability objectives. Through all its educational programmes, as well as lifelong learning programmes, high-quality scientific research and publications, prestigious conferences, and other international events organized, the chair contributes to the achievement of the 17 SDGs, proprietarily the quality of education, partnerships for the sustainability goals, affordable and clean energy and sustainable cities and communities.

FABIZ Management Council

Assoc. prof. Tănase Stamule Prof. Mihaela-Alina Dima Prof. Georgiana Oana Stănilă
Lect. Sorin Anagnoste Assoc. prof. Anca Bogdan Prof. Mădălina Toma-Meghișan
Lect. Shahrazad Hadad Assoc. prof. Bogdan Nistoreanu Prof. Violeta-Mihaela Dincă
Lect. Mihail Bușu Prof. Carmen Păunescu Assoc. prof. Dragoș Marcel Vespan
Stud. Petru Munteanu Stud. Alexandru Bakhaya Stud. Medeea Nicoleta Olaru
Stud. Andreea Sorana Gheorghe

FABIZ Economic-Social Council

Name Position Company
Gerd Bommer President Advantage Austria Romania
Oana Bucur Senior Department Manager Business Development OMV Petrom Global Solutions
Radu Burnete Executive Director Concordia Confederation
Vladimir Deliu Educational Lead UiPath
Bogdan Sântea CEO FCB
Gregorz Grabowski General Manager Maspex Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova
Adelina Octavia Hulpe Financial Director P&G Romania, Moldova
Irina Mînzală Human Resource Director EY Romania & Moldova
Ștefan Marcu Senior Partner & Managing Director Kearney
Radu Merica CEO RRR
Petru Ruset CEO Siemens Energy
Estera Anghelescu HR Director Kaufland Romania
Daniel Gross CEO REWE Romania
Ionut Stanimir Director of Marketing & Communication BCR