Student Representatives

Stanomir Ruxandra

My name is Ruxandra Stanomir, I’m a third year student in the program of Business Administration, in German Language and I also am a student representative in the Faculty Council and the University Senate. I am eager to represent my colleagues and FABIZ!

Bakhaya Alexandru

Hello, my name is Alexandru Bakhaya, President and Co-founder of Fabiz Students’ Committee. As a student of the Business Administration program in English and part of the Faculty Council I am here to take a stand and act. Together we are FABIZ!

Gheorghe Sorana

Hello! my name is Andreea-Sorana Gheorghe, a third year student at FABIZ in the English section. I am a part of the student council here at FABIZ. I’m a creative and passionate person that believes that anyone can bring forward positive change with the right attitude

Petre Munteanu

My name is Petru Munteanu and I am a student representative of FABIZ in the University’s Senate and Member of the Faculty Council. In my final year of studies in the International Master of Business Administration and graduating the bachelor in International Economic Relations at ASE, I am proudly representing for my second term the students. Following a career in diplomacy, the academic environment represents one of the pillars for my development as a professional.