Erasmus+ mobilities are available for all full-time students, regardless of their nationality or financial status. You can benefit from a maximum of 12 months of mobility during a cycle of studies (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D.), either for studies (between 3 to 12 months), or for an internship (between 2 and 12 months) or a combination of the two.

Each year, the selection process for the study mobilities begins after the winter exams, in February or March. The offer for mobilities is published at the beginning of February and consists of approximately 700 places in over 200 universities, mainly in the EU countries, but also some non-EU destinations.

Our school has over 30 international partners – while applying you may choose one of them or one of the other universities on the general offer. The only condition is that the subjects available at the partner university must be compatible with your FABIZ curriculum for the next year.

The criteria for the selection are: academic results (50%), language test / certificate equivalence (30%), interview (20%). All the students who are enrolled at the time of the selection and have a GPA of minimum 7,00 / 10,00 and minimum 70% of the ECTS credits required for their level of studies are eligible.

Double degree diploma

As a FABIZ student, you can apply for one of the double degree programs available exclusively for you, under special conditions:

Sapienza University in Rome, Faculty of Economics- if you are a 1st year IMBA – Master in Business Administration (taught in English) student and want to study during the 2nd year in the MSc in Economics & communication for management and innovation

EM Strasbourg Business School, PGE – Programme Grande Ecole (choice between 8 tracks in French or in English) – if you are a 3rd year FABIZ student intending to apply for MEGA – the Master in Entrepreneurship and Business Administration (taught in French) or if you are a 1st year MEGA student

Internships (placements)

Internships (placements) abroad usually take place during the summer holidays (July to September). As an exception, 2nd year master students from modular programs can do their internships during the 2nd semester of their 2nd year of studies. Also, you can register for placement in your last year of studies and go abroad after graduation. The selection procedure is simple and continuous in the case of Erasmus+ placements: once you are selected by the employer, you register your application with the ASE Erasmus+ Office.

Do not miss the opportunity!

We strongly recommend our students to have at least one international mobility during their studies in order to experience other educational systems, gain complementary knowledge through a personalized curriculum, improve their language and intercultural skills and develop as a person and young professional.
The mobilities taking place under institutional agreements (Erasmus+, double degree, bilateral agreements etc.) are fully recognized as part of your studies.