Welcome to the FABIZ Alumni Association

The FABIZ Alumni Association with over 5000+ alumni helps you stay in contact with your alma mater after finishing your studies wherever you are, continuing educational programs, building business connections, sharing experience, and acquiring knowledge.

Maintaining strong relationships and cultivating a real and useful sense among the alumni community. The community acts as a hub to exchange information about career opportunities, jobs and collaborations.

All FABIZ graduates are eligible to join the Alumni Association. Thus, we organize an annual network meeting and provide a space where alumni can stay connected and help each other.


Our events allow alumni to reconnect with old friends and help make new once. Together you can celebrate, debate, collaborate for personal and professional development, find new opportunities and much more.

Radisson Alumni Ball – 10 nov. 2017

Alumni Wine Tasting by FABIZ – 10 feb. 2023

With great pleasure we invite you to an event dedicated exclusively to the FABIZ Alumni community, of which you are part.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the following events.


Every five years you are invited back to the FABIZ Faculty to celebrate your class reunion. The reunions provide the opportunity to re-live the days as a student, to meet up with your former classmates and reconnect.

If it’s your turn to celebrate your reunion this year, don’t hesitate to let us know. We would be more than happy to see you again! In this case, please contact alumni@fabiz.ase.ro

We are pleased to announce the meeting of FABIZ ’97 promotion, English stream

At that time there were only 2 groups per year and the license was for 5 years. A lot has changed, but we are pleased by the fact that absolutely all the graduates are fulfilled, at least professionally, holding C-level positions in companies listed on the stock exchange or in their companies, both in the country and abroad. The recipe is always the same: a lot of work, perseverance, discipline, and a dash of luck.

We are pleased to announce the meeting of FABIZ ’02 – ASE Alumni German stream.

after 20 years since the graduation

We are pleased to announce the meeting of FABIZ `97 – ASE Alumni English stream after 25 years the graduation.

The reunion was also held online, and the participants were Romanian and foreign students and teachers. We have listened with great pleasure their most beautiful memories of that time. We are grateful for the quality time and we are looking forward to meeting you again

Our Alumni

  • Maria Dutescu


    Promoția 2022

  • Andrei Iovita


    Promoția 2001

  • Radu Ștefan Suciu

    Managing Partner RENT-A-CFO.ro

    Promoția 2009

  • Teodora Nicoleta Saguna

    Co-Founder WonderBaby

    Promoția 2006

  • Rainer Andreas Salmen

    Director Business Ressources - CLAAS

    Promoția 2007

  • Mihai Vasile Tarca

    National Sales Manager - Holcim

    Promoția 2014

  • Diana Codau

    Director Afaceri Europene și Relații Internaționale - Ministerul Energiei

    Promoția 1997

  • Mihai Daniel Ștefănescu

    CCO, Board Member at Lidl România

    Promoția 2010

  • Vlad Constantin Ungureanu

    Digital lead - Holcim

    Promoția 2014

  • Veronica Mircea

    District Sales Leader Philips Health Systems CEE

    Promoția 1997

  • Oana Bucur

    Manager OMV Petrom

    Promoția 2004

  • Ioana Cristina Vulpescu

    Account Manager - Publicis

    Promoția 2006

  • Daniel Eduard Gross

    CEO ReWe Romania - PENNY

    Promoția 2001

  • Claudia Cutumisu (Gache)

    Global Service Lead Source to Pay - Allianz Services

    Promoția 2009

  • Alice Emanuela Manolescu (Chircor)

    Marketing Purchases Director P&G South East Europe

    Promoția 2006

  • Andreia Otilia Stanciu

    Head of ACCA Southern Europe

    Promoția 2003

  • Cristina Roșu (Stănescu)

    Business Owner - SINGURENI MANOR

    Promoția 2008

  • Alexandra Boteanu

    PMO Lead at Deutsche Bank

    Promoția 2007

  • Ruxandra Roman (Valcu)

    Head of Legal and Compliance at Porsche Finance Group

    Promoția 2004

  • Diana Firican

    Adoption & Change Management Consultant at SoftwareONE

    Promoția 2008

  • Iulia Corina Malioukis

    Horváth & Partners

    Promoția 2008

  • Alina Mihaela Sudriu

    Founder Grace Couture Cakes

    Promoția 2006

  • Carmen Ștefania Rădulescu

    Attorney at Law (at STALFORT Legal. Tax. Audit)

    Promoția 2007

  • Cristina Dora Raiciu (Dumitru)

    Deputy Head of the Economic Section - German Embassy

    Promoția 2004