Business knowledge

FABIZ learning experiences are provided by top national and international professors with academic and business knowledge. You will acquire management & marketing skills, analytical skills, proficiency in accounting & finance, and all other skills needed to manage a company or understand the needs of an organization.

Business simulations

Our learning journey includes real time business games, where teams compete against each other in order to conquer world markets. Gamification teaching processes based on business theory and real time business decisions is a big part of our interaction with our students.

Business partnerships

We are proud to be partners with some of the leading employers in Romania. Our partners provide top guest speakers and case studies for all our core subjects. During the bachelor program, our students visit at least 20 companies from different industries. Thus, they understand how their central services, factories, logistical hubs, or IT centers work.

Teaching in foreign languages

All our programs are delivered in a foreign language, giving students a global mindset. You can choose between business administration programs taught in English, French or German. Except for the language of instruction, you will also learn a second language and even third language as elective. Most of our professors studied abroad and have a high level of proficiency in teaching in foreign languages.

Data science

In the age of digital business, we find it vital for our students to increase their data literacy. Therefore, each semester at FABIZ contains a Python-based course. At the end of their bachelor program, we want our students to be proficient in data science as a second skill apart from business management. This set of skills is highly in demand on the job market and will position our students on a very high-level income perspective.

Job opportunities

Our graduates get full employment. Due to our business intertwining, our students are offered paid internships from the first year of study. In the second and third years of the bachelor program, most have part-time jobs in the industry. Considering their business analysis skills and foreign language proficiency, the demand on the job market is very high for FABIZ graduates.

International opportunities

Our school offers more than 700 Erasmus+ mobility opportunities each year for international study or placement abroad. In addition, we offer double degree programs with our strategic partners. We are also members of international networks offering various scholarships for students and professors. These networks include AUF – The Francophone University Agency, DAAD – The German Academic Exchange Service, and other types of scholarships for competitive students who want to study abroad.

Social life

At FABIZ we work hard but we also party hard. Together with our students’ association we constantly organize events for our community. Our partnerships with Fratelli Group, LOFT, and Funky help us deliver some of the most memorable parties of the season. We consider social life a very meaningful part of our school.

Responsibility & sustainability

The UN sustainable development goals are embedded in all our curricula. Throughout your studies you will learn how to become a responsible leader in your community in subjects such as entrepreneurship, sustainable business models, business ethics, social entrepreneurship etc.

Personal development

FABIZ offers you many extra-curricular options for your personal and professional development. From summer schools to management consulting, RPA, or entrepreneurship modules, you will have many opportunities to grow and discover the business world.

Alumni network

The connection with our Alumni is very strong. We organize events where our students meet the Alumni, and we are trying to use this vast network of successful people in order to support the faculty. Our Alumni association is very active, and being part of this network is a big plus for our future students.

Bucharest hub

Bucharest is a dynamic and business-driven city. In the last decade, it has transformed itself into a HUB for the creative industries but also an attractive tourist destination. With very intense nightlife and good gastronomy, the city is very appealing to young people. The cost of living is still low compared to Western Europe and the 1% unemployment rate and business opportunities make it very attractive for our graduates.